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    postheadericonCurrent Weather Conditions in Whistler, BC, Canada

    The WB live temperature site is very effective. It allows you to view the temperatures at the peak, mid mountain and in the valley. Sometimes Whistler gets a temperature inversion, with colder temps around mid mountain and warmer up top. More frequently though, Whistler temperatures are several degrees colder up top. Knowing before you head up will give you an incentive to wear a few more layers.

    Sometimes the temps on these coastal mountians might be above zero, so putting that warmer wax coat on your boards the day before will keep you from sticking all the way down the hill.

    Whistler and Blackcomb mountains combine to create one of North America's largest ski areas.  Whistler Blackcomb provides detailed live temperature reports 24/7. If you are planning a trip to Whistler you better check the current Whistler weather conditions by clicking the links, below...